Engine Repair & Replacement in Surprise, AZ

Did that check engine light turn on? Do yourself a favor and get your vehicle down to our shop ASAP! Dealing with an engine nightmare is never fun and driving with a check engine light on can spell disaster! You should know, the sooner we can diagnose the problem, the better off you and your pocketbook will be.

There no need to stress just yet, it might just be a simple repair. Here are some common issues we see:
  • Dirty Oil
  • Poor Lubrication
  • Failed Gasket
  • Oil Pump Failure
  • Bad Spark Plugs
  • Faulty Oxygen Sensor
  • Poor Compression
  • Coolant in the Oil
  • Clogged Radiator
Engine Repair — Auto repair Service in Surprise, AZ
But what if I have to replace by engine… Should you just buy a new vehicle? Should you rebuild this engine or replace it? With so many options to consider, let the ASE Master Certified Technicians at Surprise Car Care help guide you through the process. We've done this a time or two and can help educate you on what option would be best considering your situation. No matter the issue, call our shop today at (623) 243-6206 and schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff is standing by!